Calidris Bio is a startup company that develops fermentation processes to produce Microbial Protein. Using new technology, they produce a high-quality protein with a low environmental footprint, to replace fishmeal and soy. Calidris Bio is currently investigating the technological and regulatory challenges to use our product in both feed and food.

Their laboratory is located at BlueChem, incubator for sustainable chemistry (Olieweg 95, Antwerp, Belgium). Calidris Bio is working alongside other startup companies that want to develop sustainable innovations for the chemistry/biotechnology of the future.

Your role
In close collaboration with the Calidris Bio co-founders you will play a central role in the development and scale-up of the fermentation processes. You will be responsible for understanding project goals and for creatively optimizing solutions to ensure their success. You will get an opportunity to grow with the company in an environment where forward-looking ideas are embraced.

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